The Original Puerto Rico Maps for Travelers

Where is there more information about visiting Puerto Rico?

I am a U.S. citizen. Do I need a passport for Puerto Rico?

No, U.S. citizens traveling to and returning directly from Puerto Rico are not considered to have left the U.S. territory and do not need to present a passport. (Source: Government of Puerto Rico)

Can I view, print and order maps?

Yes, free maps are available before or during your travels. Click and view interactive mapsPrint a PDF, order a free map or pick up a map during your travels. TravelMaps' advertisers and information centers distribute the maps.

Can I obtain more than 1 map?

Yes, print free maps from this Website for your personal use and pick up a free TravelMaps guide at locations throughout Puerto Rico.

Does TravelMaps make other maps?

Yes, we are cartographers, producing various maps for over 30 years. For information about our maps, to be part of future maps, for wholesale purchases or to have a map produced; please contact us.